Commercial LPG cylinder price slashed by Rs 198 in Delhi

2022-07-02 09:55:57 By : Ms. Nicole Jiang

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The price of commercial liquified petroleum gas cylinders was reduced by Rs 198 in the national capital on Friday, ANI reported.

Now, a 19-kg LPG cylinder will cost Rs 2,021 in Delhi.

In Kolkata, the price was cut by Rs 182, CNBC reported. In Mumbai and Chennai, the prices were slashed by Rs 190.50 and Rs 187.

The prices of commercial gas cylinders vary from state to state on account of local taxes. LPG cylinder rates are revised every month for all states and Union Territories.

There has, however, been no revision in the price of a 14.2-kilogram domestic LPG cylinder since May 19.

Earlier on June 1, the price of the 19-kg LPG cylinder in Delhi had gone down to Rs 2,219 after the cost was slashed by Rs 135.

The reduction in prices of commercial LPG cylinders came after multiple hikes. On May 1, the price was increased by Rs 102. The prices were earlier increased by Rs 105 on March 1 and Rs 250 on April 1.

Both LPG and fuel prices have been hiked several times since the Assembly election results of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Goa and Punjab were declared on March 10.

Fuel prices have been one of the major factors in the rise in India’s inflation levels. India’s retail inflation rose to an eight-year high of 7.79% in April. In May, however, it came down to 7.04%.

Meanwhile, wholesale inflation rose to a record high of 15.88% in May. The indicator of price rise in wholesale markets has remained in double digits since April last year.

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