Inner hole induction hardening machine

ACME Series induction heating machineFeatures:1). Control core: the use of the world\'s most advanced high-speed digital signal processor (HDSP), and use the ACME developed special chip as an auxiliary processor.2). A new generation of IGBT or MOSFET as the main inverter devices, combined with fast and efficient way to control t

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ACME Series induction heating machine
Inner Hole Induction Hardening Machine
1). Control core: the use of the world's most advanced high-speed digital signal processor (HDSP), and use the ACME developed special chip as an auxiliary processor.
2). A new generation of IGBT or MOSFET as the main inverter devices, combined with fast and efficient way to control the resonant inverter efficiency greater than 95%, the host power factor greater than 0.9.
3). Air-cooled, water-cooled or dual combination of making the device more suitable for a variety of industry applications.
4). Equipment using fast and efficient resonant all-digital control, so that it can adapt to various parameters of the sensor, work in the most efficient state. Full range of power built-in digital
Word type PID temperature control module, including user-programmable thermostat curve technology, built-in 2-way 6-channel temperature or temperature.
5). Built-in programmable engineering applications IO interfaces: analog output, analog input, IO and IO input output interface, RS232 or RS485 communication interface.
6). Communication interface can be connected to a dedicated data logger.
7). Power is adjusted by stepless adjustment method, can be adjusted from 0% to 100%, using a resolution of 0.1% or 0.01% Class level, stable output of 0.3%, or 0.025%.
8). Control interface using English display, the display using the 2.7 ", 5.5" or 7.0 ", depending on the application level to choose
9). Optional wired, or wireless controller away (with LED display).
10). Air-cooled equipment, machine design life of more than 12 years, water-cooled equipment (except water outside) design life of more than 8 years, waterway protection using rapid water flow detection setting protection.
Standard ACME series universal power supply specifications:
    Item   Indicator    Remark
Output power adjustable range1%-100% 
Control accuracy1%Optional 0.1%
Resonant frequency tracking range5KHz-100KHzauto tracking resonant frequency
Output frequency trackingauto 
Efficiency≥95%include the output isolation transformer
Power factor≥0.9050% over at rated power
Input voltage380VAC three phase 
Input voltage fluctuation range+20%, -30%
  1. load
Over load ability1.10 rating,1min 
Cabinet protection levelIP23 
Cooling modeIGBT air coolinginduction coil water cooling
Environment temperature-20ºC-40ºC0-100% load
40ºC-50ºCReduce the power to use
Environment humidity≤95%No condensing
Altitude≤1500mReduce the power to use ≥1500m
The heating system configuration details
Medium-high frequency portable air cooled induction heating system configuration:
Model: ACME-20/380,ACME-40/380,ACME-60/380,ACME-80/380,ACME-160/380
Rating output power: 20KW/40KW/60KW/80KW/160KW
Rating input voltage: three phase 380VAC,50Hz/60Hz
Rating input current: 33A/67A/103A/133A/266(RMS)

Max output current: 2000A-5000A(RMS)
Load inductance range: 0.2-2.0uH(different inductance, different max output power)
Temporary load rate: 100%
Power factor >0.90
Resonant frequency: 5-100KHz automatic tracking, and other frequency range you need to reduce power to use.

Connection mode of induction cable and power supply: it can be connected to power equipment through imported aviation plug-in, and can be quickly connected.
Extension cable: an air-cooled extension cable with a length of 5m (imported air plug-in connection)
Air cooled induction heating cable: use air cooling induction heating cable (imported air plug-in connection)
Automatic temperature measurement and temperature control mode: built in digital intelligent PID constant temperature control, one way magnetic suction type K thermocouple temperature measurement. A 4-20mA infrared temperature measuring interface is built in (the user can choose infrared thermometer). Built in rs232/rs485 communication interface, networking use.
Manual temperature measurement method: two fluke contact temperature measuring instruments are equipped randomly for manual temperature measurement.
Power equipment connection: the manufacturer is equipped with a set of 35 square three-phase five wires with a length of 30 meters, which is used for 380V power connection between the power supply host and the user site.(optional)
Inner Hole Induction Hardening MachineInner Hole Induction Hardening MachineInner Hole Induction Hardening Machine
Inner Hole Induction Hardening Machine

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