Aluminum shell motor reducer worm gear box

Industrial Gearboxes ModelPower(kW)Transmission ratio(i)Rotate speed(RPM)Output torque(N. m)RV30-1500.06-155-10014-2805-1800FeaturesIt\'s appearance is "square box" structureBeautiful appearanceSmall volumeRapid heat-dispersionFlexible use and installationMaterials Worm and gear pairs adopt precision machinin

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Industrial Gearboxes
Transmission ratio
Rotate speed
Output torque
(N. m)

  1. It's appearance is "square box" structure
  2. Beautiful appearance
  3. Small volume
  4. Rapid heat-dispersion
  5. Flexible use and installation
  • Worm and gear pairs adopt precision machining, manufacturing and gearing test, guarantee balanced transmission, low temperature rise, small noise, high-efficiency and long lifespan.
  • Input and output parts adopt precise and neat processing, no rust and high-end.
  • The gearbox adopts superior bearing transmission parts and sealing elements, durable and no-leakage.
  • Continuously variable transmission and worm gear reducer use cooperatively, which can adjust output rotate speed in loads and realize continuously variable transmission.
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Aluminum Casing Motor Speed Gear Reducer Worm Gearbox
Aluminum Casing Motor Speed Gear Reducer Worm Gearbox
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Aluminum Casing Motor Speed Gear Reducer Worm Gearbox


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